Anthony Callea slams Melbourne for breaking COVID-19 rules

Anthony Callea slams Melbourne for breaking COVID-19 rules

Singer Anthony Callea has blasted the locals of Melbourne who aren't following the new rules in place due to a spike of cases.

Residents in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire have to wear a mask or face covering or risk a fine of $200.

It appears that some still aren't following the rules, which prompted Callea's latest rant.

In a video posted to his Instagram story, he spoke about seeing several people wearing their masks incorrectly.

“Just took my dog out for a poo and did a lap around the block,” Callea said.

“Part of the reason why Victoria has still got high cases of coronavirus is because there’s too many f******* out there that don’t give a f****** s***.

“And sorry about my French, but wearing a mask hanging down is not wearing a mask.

“Congregating with five or six people having a coffee and taking your masks off is not wearing a mask.

“Stopping in the middle of the street and having a conversation just because there’s another dog owner doesn’t mean take your mask off and have a conversation.

“The amount of ignorant people out there is f****** doing my head in.”

He also slammed people walking around the beach area in St Kilda who were ignoring social distancing.

“So angry... why do so many people think they are above it all,” Callea said.

“These self-entitled people will be the first to blame other people and the government for the current situation.

We ALL have a role to play!”

His anger comes after a six-week state of disaster has been declared in Victoria, with Melbourne residents under curfew. This means no one is allowed out of the house between 8 pm and 5 am each day.