Grant Denyer breaks down in tears as he recalls the time he almost died

Grant Denyer breaks down in tears as he recalls the time he almost died

TV legend Grant Denyer broke down in tears as he recounted the time he almost died two years ago.

Denyer, currently appearing on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! told the story to his fellow campmates and discussed how close he came to death.

He nearly died while rally car driving as he crashed into a tree going 165kms a hour.

He broke down as he shared the experience, saying that despite his love of the sport, it wasn't worth it now he has a family.

“I put a lot of chips in the motorsport basket, and I’m prepared to take those risks but I don’t want to hurt the people that are around me,” he said through tears.

"Family and friends, then you've got kids."

"Having kids is when it gets really hard, and that's when I said "No more motor racing."

The incident left him bedridden for eight weeks and caused Denyer to "re-evaluate all aspects of my life".

“Racing and TV are my two passions, and once the doctors gave the clearance, I was chomping at the bit to race again. Many questioned why I would want to race after such as rough time, however life isn’t a dress rehearsal — this is it — I love it and I want to experience all aspects of life to the max.

"Wrapping myself in cotton wool wasn’t an option and you have to accept the fact that life is full of unknowns — the accident could have happened just going to the corner store for a loaf of bread.”