The truth behind Lisa Wilkinson's "rage" on The Project

The truth behind Lisa Wilkinson's "rage" on The Project

Lisa Wilkinson has been making her thoughts known loud and clear.

Whether it be about Donald Trump, Duchess Meghan or even Sydneysiders who “forgot” about the coronavirus pandemic – the TV host has not let her opinions go unheard since she moved on from Today.

A Ten insider told Now To Love why she is starting to speak up.

"The word is Lisa is being guided by management to be a whole lot more direct in her narrative," they said.

"Ten is paying her the big bucks, and they can't justify paying her to sit on the fence and occasionally have an opinion."

"All of a sudden she's everywhere – the only way she has any currency at the network is to become their best chance at clickbait, and she is pulling out all stops. She's become a little pocket rocket with a whole new spring in her step!"

"Lisa's loving finding her voice – alongside Karl on Today she was always the measured and calm one," the source went on to add.

"Now, Lisa is more of a hardcore ballbreaker, and she's hoping that her newfound 'rebel' is working a treat for her bosses."