What you definitely WON'T see on The Block in 2020

What you definitely WON'T see on The Block in 2020

The Block host Scott Cam dropped a major hint when wrapping up the popular renovation show last season that gave a major sign at what is to come in 2020.

“I’m looking forward to a break. It’s been a big one,” Scotty said at the time.

After speaking about Tess and Luke’s incredible win last year, Cam revealed the one thing viewers would not be seeing on the show anytime soon.

Throughout recording The Block, Cam made a point to point out to viewers the sheer size of The Oslo – a rundown hotel that Channel 9 reportedly purchased for $10 million.

While it is believed to have been purchased purely to entice more people into tuning into the program, there is no doubt it impacted the five teams and crew in a sad way.

“We learned that it was too big, and we won’t be doing it this big again, I can guarantee it,” Cam told news.com.au.

“We always try and go bigger and better but we probably crossed the line.

“It’s achievable because it all got done and sold really well. But I think just for the crew and everybody in future, it will still be a big construction and still be big, but it just won’t be as big as this.”

The Oslo is twice the size of 2018’s Gatwick renovations and more than six times the size of the original Block in Bondi back in 2003.

It took an immense toll on the five teams who competed for the top prize, including a lack of sleep teamed up with the pressure of time restraints.

Tess and Luke, who won the biggest prize with their gorgeous four-bedroom home, were the most outspoken couple of all,

At one point, Tess said the experience was “destroying” her.

“I just want to be left alone. I’m not coping. I’m so sick of it — I can’t do this anymore,” she said during a tiff with Cam about budget issues at the time.

“This is literally destroying us. It is. Luke and I f***ing HATE each other, we don’t stop fighting. What this is doing to us is not good.”

The couple also admitted their mental health came under fire especially when they were portrayed as the “lazy” ones on the show.  

“It’s really sad that we feel like we have to explain ourselves to people who have no idea who we really are. They’re judging us based on a show that is completely full of sh*t,” Tess said.

They were crowned the Blockheads of 2019 after making the most in profit when their apartment was sold at auction – $630,000 above the $2.90 million reserve.

Cam acknowledged the journey was a rough one for the couple and the others teams.

“It’s really been a massive Block. It’s been really hard for them (Tess and Luke), and we are really happy they made some life-changing money,” he said.

The TV show host said there were people on hand for the teams to talk to if they were having a hard time.

“It’s a rollercoaster. But later in the show, they (Tess and Luke) had a good time. We didn’t edit them to look a certain way.

“We just shoot it as we see it and that’s what we saw. And now, when I asked Tess and Luke, ‘Do you like The Block’ … they said, ‘We love it, all $730,000 worth’.”

They also pocketed an extra $100,000 for coming first.

Here are the final results of The Block 2019:

Mitch and Mark – $3.374 million – $384,000 profit

Tess and Luke – $3.620 million – $630,00 profit

Matt and El’ise – $3.450 million – $460,000 profit

Andy and Deb – $2.420 million – $430,000 profit

Jesse and Mel – $3.378 million – $388,000 profit