Woman who walked husband around on leash receives fine

Woman who walked husband around on leash receives fine

A Canadian woman has been brought back down to earth after she cheekily attempted to skirt coronavirus lockdown orders by putting her husband on a leash.

The Quebec-based woman was issued a hefty penalty when she was caught strolling around the neighbourhood for violating new curfew laws.

The resident protested however, claiming she was walking her dog, although it was her husband that was wearing the leash.

Quebec's current rules say individuals may only leave their home past 8 pm to take their pets for a stroll.

The new restrictions follow after a surge in coronavirus cases.

The pair were caught walking at 9 pm on Saturday, and each were handed a $1,520 fine by Sherbrooke police.

CTV reporter Kelly Grieg confirmed the news on Twitter, writing, "I just confirmed with Sherbrooke police that a husband and wife were fined for walking after curfew with the man on a leash. The officer told me her defense was 'she is allowed to walk a dog after curfew'."

"They were fined $1500 each," she added.

The Quebec government recently imposed strict new curfews for residents.