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Bride faces backlash after insisting friend make her wedding dress for FREE

Bride faces backlash after insisting friend make her wedding dress for FREE

A frustrated seamstress has turned to the internet for advice after her friend-turned-bridezilla insisted she create her wedding gown free of charge.

The seamstress offered to make a dress for approximately $1115, shaving 75% off what she would typically charge a client, because the pair were friends. To the bride, this was insufficient, and she believes her seamstress friend should design and create the gown free of charge as a wedding gift, with the bride only covering the cost of the materials.

Posting about the situation on Reddit, the seamstress explained that it’s not unusual for her to feel like a “personal seamstress” for her friends, but that this friend in particular had taken it to the next level. The bride, who is also pregnant, sent her an idea of the style of dress she was looking for: not a simple design, exactly, but also not dreadfully complicated, either.

"I told her I could for sure do that for her and it'd cost £600, she was shocked at this and told me she thought I'd do it for free and she'd just pay for materials, I pointed out how many hours this would take me to do and all the hand embroidery needed, then I explained I was doing this for a quarter of the price I'd charge other people because she's my friend.”

The bride became very upset at this, telling the seamstress how stressed she’s been due to wedding planning, her pregnancy, and being low on funds. She proceeded to suggest that the seamstress make the dress as a gift, and added that it would look great in her portfolio.

"I don't think I'm being unreasonable to want some money for this...but other friends are telling me it's horrible how I'm wanting to charge her for this and it's not like I'm a high end bridal shop,” the seamstress wrote. Asking Reddit for advice, commenters were quick to agree that the bride was the unreasonable person in the situation.

A popular comment read, "It takes time to do the work. And you already lowered the price. I don't like how they tried to use their pregnancy to get you to do it for free.”

The seamstress went on to reveal that the bride wanted parts of the dress to be embroidered by hand, and that she would struggle to find such a dress for less than what the seamstress was willing to accept. One commenter put it bluntly, writing, "She wants you to do lots of hand embroidery for free? For just the cost of materials, because her money is tight? Hell no.

“People short on funds need to moderate their decoration dreams, and if all those friends think otherwise they need to pick up a needle and thread and get embroidering."

Image: Peter Cade

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