Bunnings anti-mask woman strikes again

Bunnings anti-mask woman strikes again

A new video has emerged of a woman trying to bait an Australia Post worker into a confrontation over wearing a face mask in Victoria.

The woman in the video is believed to be the same person responsible for refusing to wear a mask inside a Bunnings store in Melbourne.

The newly resurfaced clip shows the Australia Post worker wearing a mask, but does not say anything during the video.

It's believed that the male employee asked the woman to put on a mask before approaching the desk. 

"I do not need a mask," the woman can be heard saying. 

"If you could stamp that, that would be wonderful.

"I suggest you update yourself on what the Department of Human Services have put on with regards to masks and who needs to wear them."

The woman was previously in a confrontation with Bunnings staff, as it was asked if she had a mask yesterday.

"You are not authorised to ask me or question me about it," the shopper told the female staff member, who directed her to a manager.

The woman was told she would need a medical certificate to be exempt from wearing a mask, while another staff member explained it was a condition of entry into the store.

"You're discriminating against me," she said in footage uploaded online, and then claimed that being asked to wear a mask was in breach of her human rights.

"It is in breach of the 1948 charter of human rights to discriminate against men and women," she said.

The staff member explained that the rule applied to everyone and that the woman was not being targeted.

"I don't care it doesn't apply to me," she said.

"I am going to continue going in here and getting what I need because it is unlawful to do that.

"It is my right as a living woman to do whatever I want."

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nick Coatsworth has said that the incident in Bunnings was "intolerable and completely unacceptable".

"That sort of behaviour has to stop. I acknowledge that wearing a mask can be difficult," Dr Coatsworth said yesterday.

"It may take a while to get used to but in all seriousness, it is just having a mask on."

"We understand that social distancing and testing is important, but if the icing on the cake is to wear masks and cut that transmission rate down so Victorians can get on that other side of the curve as quickly as possible."