Samantha Armytage's candid confession during isolation

Samantha Armytage's candid confession during isolation

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage took to Instagram to make a candid “confession”, and it’s one that will strike a chord with all of us.

The spokeswoman for Weight Watchers shared that like most of us, she has been increasingly drawn towards her refrigerator, making her put on a “few kilos” in recent months.

While she admitted she “wasn’t proud” of the weight gain, she urged followers not to “beat themselves up” if they’ve had similar experiences.

“I wanted to share or confess something to you all. I have put on a few kilos in this lockdown,” Sam told her 230,000 followers on Thursday.

“I am not proud of that, but I rang the girls at the WW (Weight Watchers) office and they said ‘Sam, please share that because it's happening to the best of us’.

She continued: “I know we're all spending lots of time stuck indoors and have spent a bit too much time staring into the fridge and it’s not an easy time, but don't beat yourself too much if you, like me, have eaten a little bit too much cheese or whatever your vice is.”

Sam then suggested a number of mental health and wellness resources as she explained her plan to get her goals back in focus.

“Hang in there, I'm not going to torture myself about this,” Sam said.

“I'm just going to wrangle it back and get back on track. So I just wanted to let you all know it's okay, keep going.”

The 43-year-old was sent an influx of messages, all thanking her for her honesty and openness.

“I love this message! We are human,” one said.

“I needed to hear this! Thank you! Feeling so guilty for a few extra kilos!” another wrote.

Sam has been sharing motivational messages with her followers amid the pandemic, recently telling fans to be “kind to themselves” about their bodies.