Study reveals most at-risk drinkers in Australia

Study reveals most at-risk drinkers in Australia

According to newly released studies, older Aussies are drinking alcohol at risky levels while the wealthy are consuming more than the average person.

La Trobe’s University’s Centre for Alcohol Policy Research conducted an analysis of 7976 Australians aged over 60 based on 2016 National Drug Strategy Household Survey Data.

The research discovered those aged 60 and above were drinking more alcohol in comparison to those who earn a lower income.

“In the current study, the odds of risky drinking increased alongside annual household income levels, with those in the higher income bracket more likely to be risky drinkers,” the report reads.

The highest proportion of risky drinkers was found in the highest income bracket at 31 per cent, while about 22 per cent of low-income participants drank at risky levels.

The wealthier over 60s who fell into the risky drinking category were in the highest income bracket of $128,388 to $217,048, and 54 per cent had experienced at some form of harm in a one year period.

Research found that 17 per cent of Australians over 60 are drinking more than the recommended amount.

“Approximately 54 per cent of risky drinkers experienced a negative outcome as a result of their drinking in the last year,” the report reads.

The study also found 93 per cent of over 60s in the risky drinking category, and 80 per cent of lower risk drinkers over 60 listed their homes as their most popular place to drink.

The study concludes by saying interventions aimed at those who are in the senior age bracket need to focus beyond socio-economically disadvantaged groups, as is often the case.