Aussie woman recovering from US train accident diagnosed with COVID-19

Aussie woman recovering from US train accident diagnosed with COVID-19

An Australian woman who lost her legs in an accident on the New York subway has revealed she has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Visaya Hoffie, 23, had to have both of her lower legs amputated after she fell onto subway tracks and was struck by two trains in January. The artist also suffered skull, neck and vertebrae fractures.

Visaya shared her coronavirus diagnosis on Tuesday. “After over a month in complete isolation from friends and family with [COVID-19] they’re finally discharging me ... despite the fact I’m still testing positive,” she wrote on Instagram.

It was six weeks into Visaya’s recovery from the accident at Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital when the intense coronavirus outbreak in the city forced a decision to return to Brisbane, her family told 7.30.

“It was a very difficult decision to make to leave, because Visaya’s wounds were so compromised,” Visaya’s mother Pat said.

The doctors declared Visaya fit to fly, but said her legs needed to be elevated throughout the trip.

Pat sought a flat-bed seat in business or first class for the trip and asked for assistance from figures such as former prime minister Kevin Rudd, Australia’s Ambassador to the US Arthur Sinodinos, and Australia’s representative to the UN Mitch Fifield.

Pat secured three tickets for her, Visaya and a nurse for the flight to Brisbane via Chicago and Doha, which cost $64,000.

On arrival, Visaya was taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital where she tested positive for the virus. Her symptoms have remained mild, the program reported.

Pat said she was impressed by her daughter’s ability to bounce back from the accidents.

“She’s just so resilient, so funny, so open to taking on the next hurdle,” Pat told the program.

“I’ve managed because she’s with me. She’s in the world. The rest is mere detail.”