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Child dies hours after being discharged from hospital

Child dies hours after being discharged from hospital

A family has been left heartbroken after their child died just hours after being discharged from hospital. 

Six-year-old Hiyaan Kapil had been experiencing stomach pains for a few days when his parents took him to an emergency room in Logan, south of Brisbane on Sunday night. 

Little Hiyaan spent four hours in the hospital where he was constantly vomiting before he was discharged about 10pm.

His family said that the boy was still in pain when they got home and collapsed on the floor within two hours.

Hiyaan’s father rushed him to hospital but by then it was too late to save him.

Family and friends have called for answers as to what happened to Hiyaan and why he was discharged. 

"We want to know what happened, that's the only question," family friend Rajbir Gil told Nine News.

"We don't want to blame, we don't want to claim anything... we don't need it because we can't get him back.

"The only important thing we lost. He's not with us."

Images: Nine News

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