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Readers respond: What was the best gift you remember receiving as a child?

Readers respond: What was the best gift you remember receiving as a child?

Over a lifetime of birthdays, Christmases and other special events, it’s safe to say we receive all sorts of gifts from the people in our lives - particularly when we’re kids.

Though not every gift we receive is a hit, some of the best are thoughtful or come with a story we remember – even when we no longer own the gift itself.

We asked our readers what the best gift they remember receiving as a child was, and here’s what you had to say.

Cheryl Clark - A doll clothes wardrobe. I still have it. It’s been renovated to restore its original loveliness. My nieces played with it and now my own granddaughters have the joy of it.

Jayne Hunt - My Mum and Dad who adopted me when I was three years old. They were wonderful parents.

Beverley Asmus - A very beautiful, hand smocked dress. I had been told during fittings it was for the dressmaker's niece who was my size. I was so envious of that mystery girl. On the final fitting I was told it was for me. The absolute joy of that moment can not be expressed in mere words.

Linda Campbell - A nurse’s uniform. Little did I know I’d become a nurse for 30 years but didn’t start until I was 33.

Una Hargreaves - A panda teddy which was the last as WW2 put a stop to the manufacture of toys. It remained with me into adult life! I called her Margaret.

Johanna Craig - I had hankered for a scooter when I was little but I was born the year after the war in Holland and everyone was still recovering and very poor and my parents told me they had no money. But somehow my father had gathered bits and pieces and assembled together a scooter and painted it up so to a small child’s eyes it looked new and I got a scooter for my fifth birthday.

Pat Richards - A little red rocking chair when I was about 3 or 4 years old!

Aileen May - A pedal car, complete with a boot that opened and shut, made from scratch in its entirety by my Uncle. My brother and I had many hours of outdoor fun in that car until we outgrew it.

Tierney Caden - A set of Reader’s Digest condensed classics. My love of reading started with these books. First one I read had My Friend Flicka on one side and Black Beauty on the other.

Michael Kopp - My Mother and Father’s love.

Margaret Meyer Szabo - My Gerry Gee doll - to practise as a budding ventriloquist!

Barbara Miller - My doll Francis. She had dark hair that was glued on and very rosy cheeks. I still have her!

Shirley Meier - A little shoulder bag my Mum hand stitched and embroidered for me for Xmas during the war.

Allie Lovett - My brother Ken received a Meccano set one Christmas. If you knew him you would know he was an elite sportsman with great gross motor skills but almost zero fine motor ability. So we swapped presents. Best gift for me ever. I still like fiddling, sometimes making jewellery now.

Wendy Elizabeth Lydorf - My first pair of thongs - I still wear thongs all summer these days and I’m 74.

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