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Dos and don’ts for looking after your glasses

Dos and don’ts for looking after your glasses

Whether you’re short-sighted or long-sighted, you’ll know the right prescription glasses certainly make life easier. And while modern advances in technology mean that spectacles can withstand a lot, glasses can still become scratched and damaged. It is therefore important to take proper care of your glasses so they’ll last you as long as possible.

DO use a microfibre lens cloth

For daily care of your glasses, it’s important to only use a microfiber cloth. They often come with your new glasses or you can purchase them from your optician. Microfibre cloths are ideal to clean spectacles as dust and dirt clings to the cloths and can be used while on-the-move

DON’T use your clothes to clean

When you’re on the go and your glasses get a bit smudgy, you might be tempted to reach down to your shirt or other piece of clothing to wipe your glasses. But clothing often has dust and grime on it, which while not obvious to the naked eye will scratch your lenses over time. And scratches unfortunately can’t be wiped away.

DO use soapy water

While you can grab those fancy glasses cleaning solutions at optometrist, some soap, lukewarm water and a normal cotton cloth is all you need for a thorough cleaning of your glasses. Pay particular attention to the frame and earpieces that don’t normally get a clean, and be careful not to use soap with ammonia, bleach, vinegar or window cleaner as chemicals in those products strip away the protective coating of your glasses.

DON’T place glasses face down

This seems like an obvious one, but it’s worth emphasising as lens down glasses often result in tiny scratches. Instead, fold glasses so they rest on the frame. Better yet, store your glasses in their case.

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