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Over60 - Insurance

Over60 has made a strategic business decision to no longer offer these products, focusing instead on our core offerings.

Your existing Over60 policy is underwritten by Auto & General Insurance Company Limited ("the Insurer"). Your policy and any claims will continue to be administered by Auto & General Services Pty Ltd ("Auto & General") until it becomes due for renewal at the end of its 12 month cover period. At this time, if you wish to renew your policy, you will be transitioned to an Auto & General insurance policy. For more information on Auto & General please click here.

The Insurer who issued your Over60 Insurance policy Auto & General also offer insurance policies under the name Auto & General. You are under no obligation to continue your insurance with Auto & General, but for convenience your policy will transition to Auto & General, making sure you remain covered and receive the same level of service you have enjoyed with Over60 Insurance. For more information on Auto & General please click here.

Please contact Auto & General on the following numbers. Please note, you will no longer be able to purchase insurance from Over60 after 9 May 2018.
For Car & Home Insurance – 1300 858 747
For Roadside Assistance – 1800 788 697

Please contact Auto & General on the following numbers:
For Car Insurance – 1300 885 996
For Home & Contents Insurance – 1800 611 422

Please call Auto & General on 1800 788 697

To view your relevant product details, please go to Insurance & Roadside Product PDS's