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Royal fashion icons! Kate and Meghan rated most stylish

Royal fashion icons! Kate and Meghan rated most stylish

Duchess Kate and her sister-in-law Meghan Markle have been labelled the most stylish royals of 2020.

Royal umbrella maker Fulton Umbrella analysed Google searches related to royal fashion and found that the Duchess of Cambridge, 38, was the most searched-for royal, with Duchess Meghan coming in second place.

The data looked at search trends and the most popular search terms relating to the senior women of the royal family, from 2017 to 2020.

Despite not carrying out a majority of royal engagements this year, Kate came out on top with 77,000 searches this year to date. 

The royal continued to maintain her effortless elegance and style with glamorous hair-do’s and colourful, sophisticated dresses for video calls.

The Duchess of Sussex, 39, has continued to wow the world with her easy, beautiful looks despite stepping down as a senior royal alongside her husband Prince Harry, in March.

The royal appeared in many Zoom conference calls with Prince Harry throughout the year, opting for smart casual outfits that showcased her elegance over breathtaking gowns.

However, Fulton Umbrellas did register a dip in searches relating to the Duchess of Sussex this year. 

This year's dip could be explained by the fact that the Meghan and Harry have now stepped back from their royal duties and have wisely chosen to isolate within their LA home.

Princess Beatrice secured third place with her more polished ensembles and breathtaking vintage wedding dress borrowed from the Queen.  

Most searched keywords of 2020

  • Kate Middleton dresses: 33,800
  • Meghan Markle style: 12,400
  • Kate Middleton fashion: 12,100
  • Meghan Markle dress: 11,700
  • Meghan Markle fashion: 10,860
  • Kate Middleton style: 10,600
  • Princess Beatrice hat: 4,010
  • Princess Beatrice dresses: 3,870
  • Kate Middleton shoes: 3,680
  • Kate Middleton hat: 3,320
  • Most searched per month 2017-2020 
  • Meghan Markle dress - 4,400
  • Kate Middleton dresses - 3,600
  • Meghan Markle style - 1,300
  • Meghan Markle fashion - 1,300
  • Kate Middleton fashion - 1,000
  • Kate Middleton style - 1,000
  • Meghan Markle coat - 480
  • Princess Beatrice hat  - 390
  • Kate Middleton shoes  - 390
  • Kate Middleton hat - 390

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