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Surprise! Duchess Kate reunites with old friends on royal visit

Surprise! Duchess Kate reunites with old friends on royal visit

The Duchess of Cambridge was treated to a sweet surprise on a royal outing on Tuesday when she was reunited with a few of her old teachers in a Welsh crowd.

Kate was visiting the Royal National Lifeboat Institution with William when she spotted two familiar faces.

Standing outside Joe’s Ice Cream parlour on the pier, stood former prep school (primary school) teachers Denise Evans-Alford and Kevin Alford.

The husband and wife stood in the cold as they waited for their former student, a top-tier alumni, to notice them.

It’s reported that the couple drove 30 miles and managed to exchange a few words with the Duchess after they slipped a note to her security.

The teachers taught Kate at St Andrew’s prep school in Pangbourne, Berkshire, where Kate and her siblings completed primary.

According to Hello! Mrs Evan-Alford was Kate’s netball coach, while Mr Alford taught her French and German.

They had reunited after over 20 years, and managed to quickly catch up with Kate telling the duo, “I want to instil in my children what I learned at St Andrew’s.”

The husband and wife couldn’t have been happier with the exchange.

“Kate hasn’t changed at all, you can tell, Pippa and James are wonderful too. I’ve been waiting 20 years for this,” Denise said.

“We saw her once when she came back to school when she was 14, and we haven’t seen her since. Obviously, we’ve been following her career. She was in such a wonderful class of girls and they got on so well together,” added her husband, Kevin.

Scroll through the gallery below to see Kate reunite with her teachers after 20 years.