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Father's "cruel" reason for not attending daughter's wedding

Father's "cruel" reason for not attending daughter's wedding

A father of the bride has been condemned online after revealing the "cruel" reason he's not attending his daughter's wedding.

The man posted online anonymously on Reddit and explained that he's never had a close relationship with his daughter.

As his daughter chose not to invite his wife to her wedding, all hell has since broken loose, with the father admitting that he "never wanted children" and begged his ex-girlfriend to "abort or consider adoption."

When she refused, the pair moved in together and tried to have a life for their unborn child.

However, the father met his current wife around the same time and admitted to having an "emotional affair".

"I met my [current] wife around the same time… I was instantly very attracted to her, I guess people call it an emotional affair," he revealed.

"She was supportive and believed if a woman could abort, a man should have the right to walk away."

The man explained that he hated his life and "honestly didn't love" his children, despite his then-girlfriend giving birth to twins.

The father of the bride stuck around for six months before deciding to leave with the other woman, who said she was moving to another state.

"She said something that really stuck with me about how if I don't walk away now I can't do it in five years, and right now is the moment to hurt my kids the least," he claimed in his post.

The man told the mother of his children that it "wasn't working out and [he] didn't want to be a dad" and left.

He went onto marry the other woman and contributed financially to the children's education and paid child support. He did not meet them again until they were 18 years old.

He has since been able to forge a relationship with his son, but he hasn't been able to connect with his daughter as she hates his current wife.

"She wants [my wife] to apologize for telling me it was alright to leave, which obviously even if she did say that, I made the decision," he wrote.

The daughter is getting married and decided not to invite the wife, which infuriated the father.

"I told [my daughter] that is incredibly disrespectful and you can't invite half of a couple," the man said.

"[My daughter] said [my wife] is selfish and evil and just said those things so I'd move with her. I've fully paid for this wedding, which I probably wouldn't have if I knew this ahead of time, but I told her I will not publicly disrespect my wife."

He posted on the forum expecting people to agree with his decision, but was surprised when a majority of users were against him.

"It sounds like she doesn't have any relationship with your wife so I can understand she doesn't want her there," one person said.

Others said that he "cruelly abandoned" his ex-girlfriend and children.

"Your daughter is absolutely within her rights to say 'That's the woman who convinced you to walk out of my life when I was a baby, so I don't want her at my wedding'."

However, some believed that as the father was paying for the wedding, he should be allowed to bring his wife.