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Hugh Jackman’s son finds love!

Hugh Jackman’s son finds love!

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness are opening their hearts to a new person in their son Oscar’s life as it is revealed he has found new love.

Oscar is the daughter of Aussie actor Sean Hingston and his American husband TV producer Brad Hurtado.

The couple adopted Grace, 20, from San Antonio, Texas, in 2000 – the same year Hugh and Deb adopted baby Oscar, now 20, from a family in Vinton, Iowa.

Their relationship was put on display for the public to see when Oscar described her as “the love of my life” along with a photo of the pair cuddled up close.

A source told 9 News, "Oscar and Grace are adorable together. Given they have similar upbringings I'm sure they've bonded over that."

"Oscar also loves that she's an Ausmerican, and adopted, just like he is."

"It's wonderful seeing them enjoying young love, and Hugh and Deb are so pleased that he's happy."

This year has not been easy for many of us who have had to deal the coronavirus pandemic, including Hugh and Deb who are thankful their son has found happiness.

"It's a huge relief to Hugh and Deb that Oscar's found someone who is so down to earth and really understands all aspects of his life – that's exactly what any parent wants for their child. There's a bizarre synergy between them, given that Grace's parents are also performers."

Grace's dad Sean said in an interview in 2010 that he would not be surprised if she went on to work in the industry, but not as an actor.

"Grace is doing great but doesn't seem to have any interest in performing. She'll probably become some sort of director because her idea of playing is coming up with little plays and telling me and Brad what to do and how to do it."