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New Year miracle as dog missing for eight years is returned to owner

New Year miracle as dog missing for eight years is returned to owner

A dog owner had an emotional start to the year after she was reunited with her missing dog that disappeared eight years ago.

Magdalena Klubczuk was devastated when her beloved Shih tzu Roxy vanished from her home in Connah's Quay, North Wales while she was at work.

The 35-year-old spent weeks looking for her pet and even contacted the local vet, but no one had brought Roxy in.

She eventually gave up on her search and assumed her three-year-old dog had passed away or been stolen.

But in a New Year miracle, Roxy, now 10, was spotted running through the streets of Buckley at around 11pm.

She was then taken to Skylor's Animal Rescue in North Wales.

Dawn Taylor, who runs the centre in Dobshill, scanned the dog to see if she had a microchip and was able to get the contact details for Ms Klubczuk.

Ms Klubczuk, a mother-of-one said: “When I received the phone call I told them it was not possible.

“When she explained I couldn‘t even speak I was that shocked.

“We‘ve spent all these years thinking she was dead.

“I was at work and she was at home with my son and my brother, the door was open for her to go into the garden.

“When I got home I realised she was gone.

“She had a collar on with my details on it and she was chipped so I‘m starting to think she may have been stolen.

“I reported it to the vets, but I heard nothing and over time just gave up hope.

“I was just in total disbelief. I actually told her it wasn‘t possible because my dog was next to me on the sofa, then I realised she was talking about Roxy!”

Roxy is currently staying with a friend of Ms Klubczuk until she can safely introduce her to her six-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

She added: “I will be taking her to the vets on Monday.

“She looks well, but she is very skinny.

“Until then we just don‘t know how serious the tumour is.

“It was such an emotional reunion, I felt like she recognised me when she saw me”.