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Queen shares rare photo of late father

Queen shares rare photo of late father

Queen Elizabeth II shared a heartwarming throwback photo of her late father King George VI as the UK celebrated Father’s Day. 

The beautiful image shows a then Princess Elizabeth with her father King George VI smiling at each other in 1946 in the palace's garden. 

“Wishing all of our followers a very happy Father’s Day. The Queen (then Princess Elizabeth) with her father King George VI in 1946,” the caption read. 

The Royal Family shared the snap on Instagram, the comment section was inundated with heartfelt messages to the Queen and her late father who would be “proud of her achievements”. 

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“His Late Majesty King George VI would be beaming with pride at his daughter’s achievements,” one wrote. 

“Happy Father’s Day and I wish health and prosperity for our Queen,” another commented.

“King George VI would be extremely proud of his daughter's achievements,” another wrote.

“The most beautiful father daughter photograph,” someone else commented. 

“Loved this beautiful photo. So precious. Happy Father's Day,” another read. 

It is said that the late King gave Queen Elizabeth her nickname Lilibet because she could not pronounce “Elizabeth”.

She would be calling herself “Tillabet”, “Lisabet”, “Lilliebeth” before King George nicknamed her Lillibet.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have named their daughter Lillibet in honour of Queen Elizabeth. 

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