Couples tie the knot in first drive-through wedding

Couples tie the knot in first drive-through wedding

Five UK couples tied the knot at the UK’s first drive-through wedding after their special days were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Brides and grooms wed in black cabs in London thanks to the service, launched by the ride-hailing app Free Now.

Couples were either nominated by friends or by themselves and were then picked by the firm explaining why they should get hitched at the drive-through.

All couples wed at the Boundary Gardens in East London, and enjoyed a quiet ceremony after exchanging their vows.

The grooms were escorted in black cabs while brides travelled in white private hire vehicles.

The business model was similar to a Vegas-style elopement in which the couple arrives at a chosen location in their car to meet the celebrant and the two witnesses.

Mariusz Zabrocki, the General Manager of FREE NOW UK said the aim of the initiative was to make sure the couples have fun after restrictions forced many to postpone their plans.

“We all know someone who has been in limbo as they’ve had to postpone their wedding due to COVID, and have felt their pain. 

“And with so much fun currently taken out of weddings, such as not being allowed to have a proper reception, only inviting up to 30 people and a ban on singing; we were inspired to step in and enable some lucky couples to get married in a fun and unusual way,” he told LondonTV.

In the UK, only 30 people are permitted to be at weddings, with a ban on dancing and singing.