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Is this the end for Roger Federer?

Is this the end for Roger Federer?

Tennis veteran Roger Federer has admitted he is considering retiring, saying  “I’m at the end of my career.”

While that sounds like he may be ready to hang the racket up any day now, he insists he still has plenty more fight in him at 38-years-old as he has one more last achievement he wants for his own – another Olympic gold medal. 

The veteran star, who turns 39 in August, will miss the remainder of the 2020 season when it restarts.

The star will be missing the remainder of the 2020 season when it restarts due to surgery that knee to repair his damaged right knee in February. However he had to have a second op when his recovery did not have the outcome expected. 

Federer told SRFSport he would make the decision to retire when his body tells him enough is enough.

He said: “It is already clear that I am at the end of my career. I cannot say what will be in two years.

“That’s why I plan year after year. I’m still happy right now.

“But when the cogwheels don’t grip anymore, I stop. When I am old, I will surely play tennis. But no longer train but just ‘ball’.

“It will be a very interesting step not to always work on something and only to play with colleagues.”