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Readers Respond: What was your career and what do you wish you did?

Readers Respond: What was your career and what do you wish you did?

Now more than ever, people are changing their careers or jobs when they’re not happy. 

Writing for an audience of 60+ was never in my book but it’s quite interesting to see what interests you have and what keeps you going.

This is why we have our Readers Respond questions to occasionally get a glimpse into your life.

We decided to ask you, what was your career and what do you wish you did? 

Check out your responses below.

Veronica Prendergast - Office worker, mainly accounts. I wanted to do commercial art but my parents couldn’t afford college fees at the time.

Roy Hurst - Large articulated freight relocator eg truck driver but wish l had become a brain surgeon.

Lizzie Bartlett - Nursing. Preferred? Gardener.

Dawn Parker - Many different jobs in healthcare (favorite being medical assistant in a pediatric office) but I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher.

Kathy Ford - A nurse. I was lucky enough to go out in the Flying Doctor plane quite a few times. Trained at Port Augusta in the 60's.

Julie Ann Lewis - I was a nurse and wanted to be a hairdresser.

Dorothy Estelle Winks - Office work, secretary. Would have liked to have been a vet or had a life similar to David Attenborough.

Roslyn Crane - I worked as a typist, switchboard operator, and receptionist. I wanted to walk in my mum's shoes as a nurse but I wasn't academic enough. I then joined the Citizen Military Forces, Royal Australian Army Nursing Corp which is the Reserves today.

Raymond Richards - Office worker. I wish I had worked in the travel industry as it would have saved me a fortune over the years.

Steve Smith - IT Operations when it took skill to run computer systems until networking took over the planet. I wish I did architecture. 

Share your career wishes here.

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