Joel Callen


Wed, 4 Mar, 2015

Baby weasel hitches a ride from a woodpecker

Baby weasel hitches a ride from a woodpecker

This incredible image looks like it’s been photoshopped – but is has not! The truth is that this almost comical sight is actually a life and death struggle.

The moment was captured by amateur photographer Martin Le-May in a London park earlier this week. Le-May and his wife, Ann, were on a walk in Hornchurch Country Park, hoping to see a green woodpecker.

Well, they saw one, but it was hopping along the ground unnaturally. The Le-Mays watched the bird with their binoculars for a few moments, before Martin pulled out his camera, and realised just what was happening. The small creature you see “riding” the woodpecker is actually a baby weasel. Weasels usually prey on smaller rodents, but have been known to attack woodpeckers.

But this baby bit off a little more than it could chew. The woodpecker was able to shake the weasel off and fly away out of reach.

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