Mon, 14 Sep, 2020

Chris Hemsworth gate crashes morning breakfast show

Chris Hemsworth gate crashes morning breakfast show

Chris Hemsworth is well known for his role as Thor from the Marvel series, and this weekend he has added TV presenter to his resume.

The glorious moment happened during Nine’s weekend Today Show with reporter Lauren Phillips.

While reporting from a paddock in rural Scone in NSW — the horse capital of Australia, Chris Hemsworth jumped into the frame and took over.

“What are you doing?” Hemsworth can be seen asking with a sly grin.

“I often get teased for not having the best presenting skills or pronunciation, want to help me out?” Phillips asks Hemsworth.

An eager Hemsworth went on to give the weather rundown for the country.

He then informed locked down Melbournites to get out their brollys.

“Perth, sunny 19, Geraldton mostly sunny, mostly that means there’s going to be no sun at some point. Karratha 36, heating up slip slop slap!”

An appreciate Phillips said: “You’ve made my job look very easy there, you might just take over.”

Hemsworth then had a dig at Wilkins who had been in his hometown of Byron Bay recently to interview his older brother Luke, not him.

“You can’t avoid me, mate, I’m everywhere.”

Towards the end of the segment Wilkins told Hemsworth he was booked and would be expected at the same time tomorrow.

“You lost your job! Sorry, I’m only available for the next 35 seconds,” the star hilariously fired back.

The star was in the area visiting AussieArk and WildArk, and doing conservation work to protect Australia’s ecosystem.