Thu, 26 Mar, 2020

Drawings For Oldies: Why you need to do this with your grandchildren

Drawings For Oldies: Why you need to do this with your grandchildren

In a bid to protect our most vulnerable Australians from the deadly COVID-19, many aged care homes across Australia have restricted their visiting hours and completely cut off elderly people from seeing their loved ones.

While this new move in the wake of the coronavirus may protect older Australians from contracting the virus, it does not help them feel connected and joyful during these difficult times.

Thankfully, the Facebook group Drawings For Oldies has gone out of their way to ensure those being impacted by the aged care shutdowns can find happiness and feel connected to the outside world.

The founder of the helpful organisation, Claire Rigden, says she created Drawings For Oldies to help connect “old folks with little people” in an interactive way.

Care homes can receive drawings created by children along with a few kind words to pass on to seniors living in elderly homes in a bid to connect the old with the young and brighten up their day.

“In these times of social isolation and aged care home lockdowns, I think it’s a great way to make older people feel as though they’ve not been forgotten about, and that they are still loved – albeit from afar,” Ms Rigden told OverSixty.

Already, the response has been “wonderful” not only for the parents, but the “oldies” who appreciate what they have been sent by children.

"We’ve already had feedback from Homes saying how much the ‘oldies’ are enjoying the drawings,” Ms Rigden said.

“I emailed out a bunch of drawings to a Secure Dementia ward in Rockingham, WA, and Catherine, from the home, took a photo of the drawings she’d put up in the ward, and said how much they were being appreciated by the residents – and the staff as well! It was so lovely to see

"We’re trying to raise a smile – one crayon drawing at a time."

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