Wed, 20 May, 2020

"Everything hurts": Touching gift for baby Harper leaves Karl lost for words

"Everything hurts": Touching gift for baby Harper leaves Karl lost for words

Karl Stefanovic took a little over a week off of the Today show for the arrival of his daughter Harper May with wife Jasmine, and his return has been emotional for everyone.

The 45-year-old has found it difficult not to boast about his new bundle of joy.  When co-host Allison Langdon asked how he was feeling, Karl replied with a sharp yet honest response: "Everything hurts. I'm tired. Emotional."

"It felt very difficult waking up this morning only five minutes after changing a nappy, but it's like riding a bike, you just get used to it."

While he's been back on the Today show desk this week, it has still been a very emotional rollercoaster for Karl.

He was brought to tears when co-host Allison pulled out a gift for the newborn moments before the show ended on Tuesday.

"We think we should open it on air to share it with everyone, but we've been so excited for you guys," Allison said as she handed the wrapped parcel over.

Karl pulled out a white onesie branded with the Today logo and immediately joked, "I'm going to try to get into it."

"She's now officially part of the team," Allison added.

While Karl admitted she is still yet to grow into the onesie, he boasted like any proud father.

"She's so tiny, just three kilos of awesomeness," he said.

"Thank you to my Today show family, you're going to make me cry!" an emotional Karl added.

The arrival of Karl and Jasmine's daughter was announced by the Today show's Instagram page on May 2nd.