Sat, 10 Oct, 2020

“Is this the best you can do?”: Tracy Grimshaw takes aim at QLD Premier

“Is this the best you can do?”: Tracy Grimshaw takes aim at QLD Premier

Tracy Grimshaw has issued an emotional plea to Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to “do better” and “stop thinking about the polls” after sharing the plight of brain cancer patient Gary Ralph and wife Wendy.

The couple from Logan, Queensland had asked the chief health officer for an exemption so they could quarantine at home, in Brisbane, after the 71-year-old underwent a “life-extending” surgery in Sydney.

Mr Ralph is battling a cancer that is aggressive and incurable. He now faces problems with his vision and balance while being unable to talk.

There is also a high risk of seizures.

“His surgery was to buy time and without it, he was told he had about three weeks,” Grimshaw said in a powerful segment on A Current Affair on Thursday night.

“He wants to go home, but he’s stuck in a Brisbane hotel … supposedly to keep Queenslanders safe.”

Grimshaw said Gary’s wife “wants to cook for him and tuck him up in their bed at home and help him recover from surgery,” and the risk of them spreading the virus is lower than Gary’s risk of contracting it in the hotel, where they have been cooped up since Tuesday.

“The last thing she (Wendy) wants is to expose him to the virus,” she said.

“How on earth would allowing them to quarantine at home pose any threat to Queenslanders safety … bearing in mind that if you test positive to COVID in Queensland, you’re allowed to isolate at home.

“They haven’t tested positive … Why can’t they have this exemption? Do you think they’re going to be super spreaders? Are you kidding?”

Grimshaw slammed the Premier for her lack of compassion, saying only a month ago, the couple were happily living out their retirement.

“They’re now struggling with the devastating new shape of their lives and they want to make the most of their time

“Can you imagine what they are going through, or are you too focused on the opinion polls?

“Do you really believe Queenslanders want you to treat other Queenslanders like this?

“Is this the best you can do?”

Speaking on Today on Friday morning, Mrs Ralph said there was “no justification except a political gain” for what she and Gary had been through since beginning their journey to return home.

“We’re not the only people. If Gary and I get a reprieve and we get to go home, I’m not going to stop this fight. Because they are messing with people’s lives,” Mrs Ralph said.

“It is not justified at all at this point.

“No one through this has told me why we don’t qualify... It doesn’t matter what source I went to, doesn’t matter who I spoke to in Queensland Health, I just kept getting the same result... It’s been hard to keep fighting because you get knocked back.”