Thu, 25 Jun, 2020

Nurse banned after giving wrong vaccines to kids and covering her tracks

Nurse banned after giving wrong vaccines to kids and covering her tracks

An Adelaide nurse has been suspended for 15 years after giving children the wrong vaccines and altered records to cover her tracks.

An investigation spanning several years by South Australia’s Civil and Administrative Tribunal found Tracy Paterson, who worked at the Ladywood Clinic in Modbury Heights between 2013 and 2015 under the name Tracy Gray, deleted or altered the records of 17 patients.

Three children had their records altered to conceal the fact they had not received MMR vaccine.

“The child’s parents would have been deceived into thinking that the child was properly immunised when that was not the case,” the Tribunal found.

Paterson changed the records of two adult patients who developed adverse reactions to immunisations, stating she had washed her hands before giving the vaccine and asked the patients to remain at the clinic for monitoring.

She also posed as a doctor to prescribe herself weight loss medication and create her own Medicare health care plan.

Paterson was dismissed from the clinic in August 2015 before the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency launched an investigation into the case.

“Everything suggests that [Ms Paterson] cannot be trusted,” the Tribunal’s judgement said.

“There is an overriding need to protect the public as well as the integrity of the profession.”

Paterson was disqualified from applying for registration and banned from practising for 15 years.