Fri, 16 Oct, 2020

"Offensive and wrong in every way": Gladys fires up over ICAC questions

"Offensive and wrong in every way": Gladys fires up over ICAC questions

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian was hammered in the NSW parliament with questioning over her involvement with an MP under a corruption inquiry.

Labor leader Jodi McKay tried to bait the Premier into admitting she should be considered a "sounding board for corruption".

“The question is offensive and wrong in every way,” the Premier replied forcefully.

McKay asked the Premier why she didn't report her knowledge of her ex-partner Daryl Maguire trying to clear a debt through a land deal at Badgerys Creek.

“I refer again to this question, which is wrong, and highly offensive, and I say to the leader of the opposition, either withdraw it, or say it outside,” the Premier said, pointing to the hallway.

McKay tried again with statements the Premier had made to ICAC.

“You said you didn’t know Iwan Sunito – but you did. You said you didn’t know what UWE (United World Enterprises) was – but you did. You said you didn’t know your office was used to lobby property developers – but you did. You said you didn’t know Daryl Maguire stood to profit from a property deal he was lobbying for – but you did,” Ms McKay said.

“How can the people of NSW trust you?”

The Premier fired back: “I don’t know why she’s asked me the question, because she’s asked me the question and answered herself. She already has the answer, so I don’t know why she asked me.

“The opposition can clutch at any straws they like. The truth is I have done nothing wrong, and the people of NSW know it.”

Helen Dalton, a member from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party said that the Premier lied to ICAC when she said that she didn't know what United World Enterprises was.

In Monday's testimony, the Premier was asked about UWE, which is a company her former partner Daryl Macguire had financial ties to.

“I remember asking you what the UWE was, because I didn’t know what it was, and I didn’t remember what it was, yep,” the Premier told the ICAC.

However, the question drew a harsh response from the Premier.

“Can I say that I provided assistance as a witness on Monday in great detail. I was forthright, direct, much to my personal detriment but I had to do it because it is in the public interest,” Ms Berejiklian shouted.

“And I say to the people of NSW that every day that I have been in this place, since 2003 I‘ve worked hard. I’ve worked my guts out to the people; I will continue to do that.

“I never have and never will do anything wrong but I will work my guts out for the people of this great state!”

The Question Time arguments came after Berejiklian survived two separate votes of no confidence on Wednesday, both in the upper and lower houses of NSW Parliament.