Mon, 12 Oct, 2020

"She won't survive this one": Resignation rumours circulate after Gladys Berejiklian makes bombshell admission

"She won't survive this one": Resignation rumours circulate after Gladys Berejiklian makes bombshell admission

Senior Liberal sources are adamant Gladys Berejiklian will not make it out of today’s Independant Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) hearing, after dozens of bombshells were revealed today, and there is also talk of who will replace her.

Attorney-General, Mark Speakman, and Treasurer, Dominic Perrottet are said be the top two contenders to replace Gladys if she resigns.

Senior sources within the party have told The Australian that she will not be able to continue as Premier after it was revealed she was in a relationship with disgraced former Wagga Wagga Liberal MP Daryl Maquire.

“You can’t be f***ing a guy involved in (alleged) high-level government corruption and survive it. She’s gone for all money,” one source said.

“It goes to her judgement. Her moment of strength is now gone. She is f***ing finished.”

The Premier made the admission this morning as part of evidence given to the ICAC.

She insisted her relationship was “never, ever” a conflict of interest, as the commission looks into Maguire’s behaviour after the inquiry heard evidence he sought payments to help broker deals with property developers.

However, media commentators also say this could be a fatal blow for the NSW Premier.

Radio host Ray Hadley simply stated that “she won’t survive this one”.

“I don’t think, for a whole range of reasons, that Gladys Berejiklian can survive this,” Ray Hadley declared.

“Given this relationship predated his divorce and separation, and given that she’s now admitted had he retired from politics in 2017 she would have made public the relationship.

“I don’t know where it leads but I just cannot see her being Premier into the future.”

Greens MP David Shoebridge tweeted, saying Ms Berejiklian cannot survive this.

“It’s hard to see how the Premier can survive a day in Parliament this week given the bombshells being dropped in ICAC about her relationship with the... Liberal MP Daryl Maguire,” he said.

The Premier told the inquiry she “did not care” about Maguire’s financial situation and had “never relied on anybody else in my life”.

“If you’re suggesting that I cared about his financial position, I reject that completely. I did not care. That was his business, it had nothing to with me,’’ she said.

“I’ve never relied on anybody else in my life. And I wouldn’t start then.”

Berejiklian was then asked, “You didn’t care about it?”

“No. I will not accept that I cared about his financial status. That was for him to worry about, and I didn’t worry about it,” she said.

However, she conceded that Mr Maguire was “obsessed” with his financial position and that they discussed it in relation to his exit from politics.

“Absolutely, he was obsessed with it. Yeah,’’ she said.

She did reveal that she thought Maguire had not been completely honest with her about his financial situation.

“Looking back, I’m not sure whether he was truthful about that, if I can be frank. I don’t know if anything that.. said to me was truthful,’’ she said.

“He raised it with me... I can’t confirm that what he told me was truthful. But I did not care about his financial position. That was his business.”