Wed, 29 Jul, 2020

“What the hell”: Karl Stefanovic explodes at Allison Langdon

“What the hell”: Karl Stefanovic explodes at Allison Langdon

Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon are two happy co-hosts, however no one would have predicted how angry Karl would get when Ally revealed the bizarre rumour that she heard about him before they began working together.

While the pair were appearing on KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show, Ally revealed she had heard Karl suffered from a lot of “flatulence”.

However, before she revealed the cheeky answer, Karl had guessed the rumour might have been that he and Kyle Sandilands were “gay”.

“We asked Ally what was the worst rumour she heard about you, before she started working with you. What do you think she said?” Jackie O said. 

Karl responded, joking: “That Kyle and I are gay, maybe?”

Allison cheekily replied: “No, they said rumour!”

Kyle added in his typical rude quip and joked she heard about the “small penis rumours”.

“Small penis rumours? You didn't hear them? She would have heard that, it's been around the newsroom for decades,” Kyle joked, to which Karl swiftly shut him down.

Jackie then revealed that Ally mentioned Karl's supposed “flatulence”, which Karl got very fired up about. 

“What the hell! That is bulls**t! I do not ever fart! You're the one who farted that time,” he said to Ally.

She argued she had never “farted” at her desk, though Karl quickly hit back saying she once told him that one had “snuck out”.

Karl and Ally started hosting the Today show together in January.