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Fans poke fun at The Block’s Scott Cam over home project

Fans poke fun at The Block’s Scott Cam over home project

The Block’s grand finale reveals are hitting TV screens this week, however it seems the contestants’ hard work has inspired host Scott Cam to get out his own tool kit. 

The carpenter and TV personality took to Instagram to share he too was getting handy around his home. 

The tradie was photographed leaning against a semi-built structure, with his tool belt firmly strapped around his waist. 

Fans couldn’t help but to poke at Scotty for spending his weekend working on his own house. 

“Call me a sceptic but I’m thinking of checking with [your wife] Ann…”, Channel Nine host Leila McKinnon commented.

“What??? A tradie working on his own home.... rare sight,” one person said, 

“Bet your wife has waited years for you to finish this project. Lol,” said another, while a third wrote, “That's unheard of - you sure are one of a kind Scotty Cam.”

Scotty has had a busy season on The Block and will surely be relieved to say “tools down” for the last time this year. 

The most recent saga that we saw on TV screens was when the host had to play hardball with blockheads Tess and Luke. 

He angrily warned the contestants to “finish the bloody house,” before storming off after they complained about their rival team member’s financial situation. 

The couple confronted Scott over Mitch and Mark being $10,000 in debt. 

“[Mitch and Mark] have been able to do all these amazing things like put speakers in the ceilings whereas we’ve reeled it in big time. If we weren’t keeping track of our invoices, we could’ve won other rooms too,” Tess argued. 

A frustrated Luke complained, “How’s that fair on everyone else?”

However, the TV host was not having a bar of it, snapping back “They weren’t going into the red four weeks ago when you guys were. And you’re now in a better position than them. 

“At the end of the day, we did you a favour.”