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Incredible detail in home listing goes viral

Incredible detail in home listing goes viral

While many who have sold a home would say it is no easy feat, they may not have considered providing the perfect addition to make sure the world sees it.

A US$1,689,000 (AU$2,196,000) home has hit the market, and while the large Californian property is a beauty in itself with a huge yard, five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms – there was one special detail in the home photos that sent the listing absolutely viral.

Thirty of the 33 photos feature a small dog, whether lazing on the floor, propped sitting at the office desk or resting in the bathtub.

“This custom home features two master suites, grand living areas highlighted with open floorplans and towering ceilings, extensive redwood decking, 5-space garage with full bathroom, huge service-yard for trailers, boats and other big ‘toys’, and there’s even an apartment for your caretaker or guests. Lots and lots of extra ‘bells and whistles’ too,” the listing on Remax Accord reads.

The listing quickly became viral, with fans claiming they would “buy anything from that dog”, on the real estate Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild.

“This isn’t a house, it’s a home,” one person said.

“Does the dog come with the house or is this a no deal?” another asked.