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“No-brainer”: Scott Cam splashes $2.2 million on Block building

“No-brainer”: Scott Cam splashes $2.2 million on Block building

The Block’s Scott Cam has been slowly building his multi-million-dollar property empire.

To add to his growing list, he purchased an apartment from the gorgeous Art Deco building in Port Melbourne that was renovated back on The Block in 2016.

The 57-year-old, who has hosted The Block for a decade now, quietly splashed $2.2 million on the bolthole in 2017.

In total, he lives there for four months of the year. 

The apartment is located inside the former J. Kitchen & Sons Art Deco soap factory and was renovated as part of a challenge on The Block. 

“I loved this building so much I wanted to buy one of the apartments,” Scott told The Herald Sun.   

The apartment was built as part of a challenge on the show.

While it wasn't auctioned off during The Block's finale, it was placed on the market after the show had wrapped. 

“When it became available, I said ‘yes’ and went to the bank and said can I borrow some money, I want to buy one of these things,” he explained. 

“To me it is a no-brainer buying a Block house,” said Scott.

That is not the only impressive property that he owns, and his portfolio includes a glamorous $6.5 million trophy home in Sydney's exclusive suburb of Vaucluse. 

The Channel Nine star purchased the Mediterranean-style mansion for $4.6million in 2012, and it is now believed to be worth at least $6million.  

The property has become the perfect family home for Scott, his wife Ann Cam and their three children, Sarah, Charlie, and Bill.