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Health Minister Greg Hunt's Easter report card

Health Minister Greg Hunt's Easter report card

Health Minister Greg Hunt has said that due to Australians staying home and successfully following instructions, the coronavirus curve is officially flattening.

"We are now seeing consolidation of the flattening of the curve," Hunt said Monday.

"The latest data shows that we have had consistent growth in new cases of below two percent a day."

Hunt confirmed that Australia is working to a strategy of “eradication” of the virus and again rejected the concept of “her immunity”, saying that the nation’s success in keeping numbers low said that it is now time to “plan the road out”.

The latest Australian statistics show that cases of coronavirus have reached 6,335 with 3,338 having officially recovered from the virus. There are also currently 238 people in hospital, with 81 in intensive care and 35 on ventilators.

"These numbers have reduced and now stabilised. That's a very important sign for the future. All of this is an indication that we are making real progress, not just here in Australia, but on a global scale," Hunt said.

However, Hunt was quick to remind everyone that “we’re not out of our challenge”, warning that “there could, at any time, be outbreaks and spikes”.

"But this is a cause for real hope and real aspiration. We said at the start that we would get through this. We are getting through this," he said.

Hunt said that it was “still too soon” to talk about lifting restrictions on gatherings or leaving home, but said that things are moving in the right direction due to the restrictions in place.

"Australians have done what we had hoped and more. They have stayed at home. They have self-isolated. They have responded with the best sense of Australia imaginable," he said.

Hunt said that data showed between Thursday and Sunday that Australians were moving around at a rate of 13 per cent of normal, which is a sign people were staying safe at home.

"That means that Australians are making a difference. They are saving lives and protecting lives with their own actions," he said.

"I couldn't be more impressed, more honoured, and more heartened by the work of Australians over the Easter weekend and in the weeks before."