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"I am going to spread the virus"

"I am going to spread the virus"

A coronavirus patient in his 50s intentionally spread the virus in Japan by barhopping before Hazmat-suit wearing police took him to hospital.

As the man tested positive for the disease but showed no symptoms, he was instructed to self-isolate after being sent home initially by medics.

The man ignored advice and told a relative that he was going to “spread the virus” before hopping in a taxi to a local bar.

He went to the first bar before going to a second one and announcing that he has “tested positive” for the disease.

Police from the Gamagori Police Station rushed to the bar clad in hazmat suits, but the man had already made his way back home in a taxi.

One staff member explained to The Tokyo Reporter that they “can’t get it straight in my head”.

“I cannot express it in words since I only have anger.”

Both establishments are now undergoing sterilization, with staff members and customers undergoing examinations.

“It is highly regrettable that he did not remain home as instructed,” Gamagori mayor Toshiaki Suzuki said.

The man has since been taken to a medical centre for treatment.