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The kindness we need right now – and it's spreading fast

The kindness we need right now – and it's spreading fast

As the coronavirus continues to strike fear into the hearts of many, some community members are turning to social media to spread some cheer around the world.

A Facebook group called The Kindness Pandemic started the group as “so many people needs acts of kindness right now”.

They are aware that the kindness “won’t make COVID19 go away, but it will make our lives easier and more rewarding”.

People have taken to the group in droves to share their stories about their lives as well as gestures of kindness that have restored their faith in humanity.

Steve Lucas shared the heart-breaking story of how his father suddenly passed away, but due to new funeral restrictions from the Australian government, his father can no longer have the send-off his Navy father deserves.

“Last Wednesday, my Dad suddenly passed away. He was married to my Mom for nearly fifty years; she passed in July 2018,” Steve shared.

“Services for my Dad are in the next few hours. With the current restrictions in place, there is no mass, no 21-gun salute (he was Navy) and no more than ten people can be in the room at once.

“I don’t like asking for things, however, today I ask this: those that were in the military, salute my Dad sometime today. And, if one or more of your parents are still alive - tell them that you love them today!”

Lysandra Beckett explained her story, saying that only six years ago, she was “a crackhead”, but things have gotten better.

“Today I start my new job as the very first EVS [Environmental Services]manager of the very first stand alone ER in my state,” she said.

“Everything I do from now on is a first. And to add to that I'm doing it in a time that is unprecedented. A pandemic is sweeping my nation and the world right now. I will be on the front line protecting my staff, practitioners and patients in this.”

Environmental service workers are the workers who clean the facilities to hospital standards by thoroughly santising public and private rooms in the hospital.

Others are sharing random acts of kindness that they’ve been able to do in pandemic times.

Sharleen Caruana shared to the group her random act of kindness.

“Was at the pharmacy last week and the lady in front of me didn’t have $8 in her bank to buy medicine for her child. I told her that I will pay for it. She nearly cried with happiness. Was a lovely feeling.”

Kat Ashleigh shared the kindness of her neighbour after she was “feeling helpless and sorry for myself”.

“My neighbor overheard me crying outside to my mum today because I’m struggling right now. I’ve been let off from my main job, have to move house in less than two weeks, and I genuinely had a moment of feeling helpless and sorry for myself,” she explained.

“He knocked on my door tonight and apologized for listening in to my conversation, and offered me two bags full of food ( noodles, rice, pasta, canned items, deodorant, toilet paper, tampons) and continued to tell me his story of how he grew up in a country that was constantly in war & how he had the choice of either feeding himself or feeding his family.

“He said that he came to Australia to live a better life and now that he is well off, it hurt him to hear that a fellow Aussie was so upset and in a bad place. “I broke down in tears in front of him. I couldn’t even comprehend his generosity and kind nature.”

Many comments commended the neighbour for his kind gesture.

“This has brought me to tears,” one woman wrote.

Another agreed, saying “What a wonderful man. So thoughtful!”

“Proud to call him an Aussie, need more caring people like him,” another commented.

Source: Kindness Pandemic Facebook page