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The little-known road rule that could set you back $350

The little-known road rule that could set you back $350

Police have issued a reminder to motorists about a little-known road rule that could see them penalised with a $350 fine.

The Northern Beaches Police Area Command shared a “memo” on Facebook aimed at drivers.

They reminded those behind the wheel that is a driver or passenger have their hand or “anything else” outside a window while the car was moving, they would find themselves in trouble.

Not only would they be issued a fine of $349, but also three demerit points.

“The only exception is when the driver is giving a hand signal to indicate changing direction to the right, or slowing and stopping,” the post read.

People flocked to the comments to share their frustrations, labelling the law as “archaic” and an attempt at “revenue raising”.

“Or you could maybe focus on catching real criminals instead of ruining people’s days?” one disgruntled person wrote.

“You guys are so backwards it’s not even funny. Nanny state and revenue raising at its finest,” someone else said.

Not everyone was as critical however, with some expressing their appreciation for such a rule.

“Well, I seem to be the only one who recognises the significance of this rule. I am pleased it will be enforced,” one said.

“A friend of mine lost her arm many years ago having it placed on the side window,” someone else shared.