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Original artwork found in rubbish on sidewalk

Original artwork found in rubbish on sidewalk

A Sydney man has hit the jackpot after finding an original piece of artwork worth thousands of dollars left on the sidewalk for council pick up. 

Leonardo Urbano stumbled across a cardboard box which contained several art pieces for children when he found one that stood out. 

Not thinking much about the price of it, Leonardo knew he wanted to give it a new home when he saw  Sydney artist and two-time Archibald Prize finalist Dapeng Liu's signature at the bottom.

"I thought it was beautiful and I don't normally think about the price, I just think if someone would want it, then I'll take it with me," he told Yahoo Australia.

He sent the artwork to his local art gallery who then confirmed that it was in fact an original and not  a copy. 

There is also a similar piece of artwork at the museum from Dapeng’s nude collection priced at a whopping $2,900. 

Leonardo has since been in touch with Dapeng and apologised to him saying the artwork was found in council pickup rubbish. 

Dapeng then informed Leonardo that he had actually gifted the piece of art to someone.

"I said to him 'look, I'm sorry I found it in the street but I will treasure it as my own’.”

Images: Yahoo

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