About Us

Hi and welcome to Over60 – the one-stop destination to keep Aussies over-60 in the know.

Reaching 60-years young is a milestone that can signal the start of some of the most rewarding times in life and it’s not without its challenges. We’ve created OverSixty.com.au in the hope of bringing Australian seniors together in one place to share ideas, experiences and support each other through this exciting stage in life.

Along the way we’ll bring you inspiring content on a range of topics as well as special offers and deals. One of the perks of being part of the fastest growing demographic in Australia is that lots of great Aussie companies want your business – and we’ll make sure they work hard to give you the best offers possible.

We want you to think of OverSixty.com.au as “your” site! And most importantly, a community aimed at creating a sense of belonging where you can read about the things you’re interested in, have a say, communicate with other over-60s, share stories and make new friends along the way.

So what can you expect?

From travel and lifestyle to money and finance, with everything in between, Over60 covers a broad range of topics with content and articles that are relevant to over-60s. We’ll also be starting various clubs for you to join, as well as organising events and meet-ups in your area, so there’s something for everyone.

Be sure to check in regularly as we’ll be constantly updating the site with new articles and offers. And to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action, we’d love you to sign up and become a member. Signing up is quick and easy and gives you access to special “members-only” offers and discounts. Plus, we’ll keep you up to date with the Over60 newsletter. The best part is, membership is completely free! So what are you waiting for? Make new friends and become part of the conversation today.

How can you get involved?

If you’d like to contribute, have a recipe to share or have an idea for a story, email our Editor, Greg, at contact@oversixty.com.au.

Otherwise, head over to our Facebook page and Travel Club page and make new friends and become part of the conversation today!

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Charlotte Foster

Educated at Charles Sturt University, Charlotte floored it out of Bathurst and never looked back, parlaying her Journalism degree into stints at Network Ten, 2CME Radio and the blood-stained gladiatorial pit of Daily Mail Australia. She loves pink, Newtown and Harry Styles – not in that order. charlotte@oversixty.com.au

Rizna Mutmainah 

After earning her Bachelor of Media in Communications and Journalism plus a Master of PR and Advertising at the University of New South Wales, Rizna decided "what the heck, I'll help these guys out", and now runs all of our e-commerce and digital marketing activities, while also drawing on her considerable creative talents to craft engaging social media posts specialising in some of the best Dad jokes on the planet. rizna@oversixty.com.au

Natasha Clarke
With a Bachelor of Creative Arts majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Design, as well as a proven background as a content editor for almost a decade, Tash brings a wealth of experience and artistic flair to the team – as well as, good lord, these chocolate chip cookies that you just don’t know how to stop eating. Her jokes are the funniest jokes. Her intricate and loving cartoons (as you can see on this page) are incredible. And she has a very sweet dog named Milo. natasha@oversixty.com.au

Claudia Byatt

An up-and-coming social media, marketing and writing whizz, Claud has parlayed her Bachelor of PR & Advertising into a passion for in-depth reporting on legal and women’s issues, with a side order in drama and entertainment. Her love of pooches and pets is matched only by her dedication to hardcore death metal – a unique combination that keeps her fans guessing. claudia@oversixty.com.au

Greg Barton

The OverSixty team is led by Greg Barton, who is Head of Digital Content at Direct Publishing. Greg has a background in sports and travel journalism, and was also once upon a time the Humour Editor (seriously) at Reader’s Digest APAC. greg@oversixty.com.au

All illustrations: Natasha Clarke