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“I need a new butt!” Kiwi book leads to teacher being fired

“I need a new butt!” Kiwi book leads to teacher being fired

An assistant principal has claimed that he was fired from his job after reading a book about butts to his year two students. 

Toby Price was reading I Need A New Butt! to his second graders at Gary Road Elementary School in Mississippi.

The children’s book, written by New Zealand author Dawn McMillian, tells the story of a boy who looks for a new bum after seeing a crack on his. 

Mr Price said the children “loved” and “really liked” the book, but it appears those on top did not and he was soon called to the principal’s office. 

"About 10 minutes after that, the principal called me into her office and said, 'Mr Price we are probably going to get some parent calls about this book' and I understood, a very professional lady, I get it," he told CBC

"A few minutes after that I was called to the superintendent's office - there are two superintendents - the main superintendent, she let me have it pretty good for choosing that book. 

"She asked me if that was the kind of thing I thought was funny - butts and farts - and before I walked in there I thought it was."

Mr Price was placed on administrative leave and two days later was “totally blinded” after being fired. 

The educator of 20 years has the support of the parent-teacher association and because of how much traction his story received, it will go to court to reverse the decision. 

He admits he’s scared of the decision because it “might not be the happiest work environment".  

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