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Larry Emdur opens up on "feud" with Rove McManus

Larry Emdur opens up on "feud" with Rove McManus

Larry Emdur has spilled the beans on his “long-running feud” with one of Australia’s best-loved TV personalities in his new book.

In his Happy As memoir, Larry recalls how his feud with Rove McManus began after Wheel of Fortune was cancelled, and Emdur looked for someone to blame. 

“Naturally, I blamed it entirely on Rove. And so began our long-running feud,” he wrote.

“We’ve sumo-wrestled, we’ve taunted each other on social media, we’ve had a boxing match which only ended when I punched him in the dick. But I still consider him one of my great mates.”

“Early one morning, Rove even took it upon himself to appear in the big window behind Kochie and Mel Doyle on Channel 7’s Sunrise with a huge handwritten sign that said: SAVE LARRY.”

In the memoir, Emdur shares his first meeting Rove in detail, outside of a garage.

“Hi, I’m Rove!” said the incredibly enthusiastic, smiley young guy who shook my hand at the garage door. If the Energiser Bunny had a long-lost human brother, this was him. “Oh, my gosh, thanks for coming in, we can’t believe you’ve come in!"

From that moment on, he and Rove struck up a unique friendship and went into comedy together on The Loft Live, which was produced in a garage at RMIT Uni in Melbourne and broadcast on community TV Channel 31.

"Rove once told me his budget for the show was $50 a week, but I could tell the show actually ran on adrenaline, enthusiasm, naivety, a truly wonderful sense of the absurd and a passionate love of television."

Happy As by Larry Emdur, published by HarperCollins, is on sale from August 3 and available for pre-order now.

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