“Mahalo ScoMo” Hawaiian shirt added to National Library archives

“Mahalo ScoMo” Hawaiian shirt added to National Library archives

After Scott Morrison infamously went on a Hawaiian trip during the unprecedented bushfires that gripped the nation, his “Mahalo ScoMo” shirt was created in response to the ordeal.

Now, that shirt has been immortalised forever, after the creator donated one of the Prime Minister-patterned shirts to the National Library of Australia.

The button-up shirt features dozens of hibiscus flowers, a print which is commonly featured on tropical themed clothing.

However, this one comes with a twist, as their stamens were emblazoned with Scott Morrison’s face, complete with a smug smirk.

Australian menswear company MR. KOYA designed the shirts, with all proceeds from their sales going directly to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for the shirt to gain traction and go viral on social media, with over 1000 Aussies being quick to snap up the limited made-to-order shirt, raising $35,891 for firefighter relief.

Now, following the incredible response, the shirt has entered one of the country’s largest collections of cultural ephemera to join other items of significance gathered during the bushfire crisis.

MR. KOYA co-founder Yema Akbar said the design was a huge success, with one new Australian planning to wear the shirt during his citizenship ceremony.

“It wasn’t quite ready in time. We weren’t sure how the shirts would be received, but we’ve been thrilled with the overwhelming reaction,” said Mr Akbar.

“We are privileged to be part of the formed collection of ephemera on the bushfire crisis.

“The support received has been truly inspirational and is a testament to the larrikin spirit of Australians, digging deep to have a cheeky laugh.”

The shirt will be housed in the library’s Special Collections Reading Room.