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Peppa Pig accused of "brainwashing" children by anti-vax community

Peppa Pig accused of "brainwashing" children by anti-vax community

Peppa Pig has been slammed by the anti-vax community, as a 2021 children's book in which Peppa gets a vaccine, has been turned into an episode of the popular TV show. 

Furious parents have accused the animated children's show for "brainwashing" young audiences into getting vaccines, before denouncing the Covid jab as a "toxic injection" that is the equivalent of "child abuse".

The fury was sparked following the novelisation of an episode of the cartoon, Peppa Gets a Health Check, that debuted on television screens last year and comes weeks after the NHS started Covid vaccinations for younger children.

In the animated episode, Mummy Pig takes her daughter, Peppa, to see a doctor - who measures her height and weight, looks in her ears, listens to her heartbeat, and asks questions about whether she likes broccoli - as well as taking note of the loudness of her 'oink'.

But in the book version, Peppa Gets a Vaccination - which appears to be virtually the same plot -  Peppa is also told by the polar bear character medic, "Now it's time for your vaccination, do you know why we have vaccinations Peppa?"

The book continues, 'Peppa put her hand up. "Yes! They stop us from getting ill, and that helps people around us, too."'

In an online review of the book, one furious parent wrote, "This is so wrong. Our kids don't need toxic injections, or face masks, it's child abuse. Just stop, leave our kids alone."

Another review called the book "Absolutely disgraceful", as the parent said they would "not be letting my kids watch or read any of this s***".

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