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Canberra grandparents graduate from Rock School

Canberra grandparents graduate from Rock School

Maria and Chris Adams have proved that you’re never too old to learn something new and pursue a new passion. 

The 76 and 78-year-old retired accountants from Canberra saw an opportunity for a unique experience with the Australian National University's Community Rock School, and asked themselves, “why not?”

"We were giggling as we filled out the application," Maria said to the ABC

"But then we got accepted and thought, 'oh my god, Grandad and Grandma are going to rock school!'"

Chris said he always wanted to be in a band when he was a kid, but neither he nor his wife’s parents could afford to send them to music lessons. 

Now, the pair can play the ukelele, guitar and sing.

"We like playing the songs that we remember, because it gives us the memories," Chris said.

"It's something we can share with each other, and share with our eight grandkids," Maria added.

The free program is run by Micha Forman through the ANU School of Music, and is open to anyone over the age of 18. 

"We'll have really young participants who are just out of high school, right up to people in their 70s and 80s," Micha said.

Throughout the program, students learn how to play as a group, as well as develop their own individual skills. 

Micha says the program draws in all kinds of people who have different relationships with music, and is a uniting force to get people involved in something creative.

"It can be a part of their life in a way that they want it to be, not in a way that someone else has told them it should be."

Check out Chris and Maria’s story below. 

Image credits: Youtube - ABC News Australia

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