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Discover the wonder of classical music in Prague Castle

Discover the wonder of classical music in Prague Castle

Uncovering a city’s most underrated experiences is one of life’s great pleasures when travelling through places you have never seen. 

These breathtaking moments are often found lurking in the most unlikely of places, but are ones you are likely to never forget. 

One of these stunning experiences not to be missed on your next travels is the wonder of a classical music performance in the extraordinary Prague Castle. 

Performed by members of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, a one hour performance is open to the public each and every day. 

Complete with a trio of a flute, viola and a piano, these talented musicians play a selection of the world’s most celebrated pieces of classical music from composers such as Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven.

The intimate environment of the Lobkowicz Palace within the walls of Prague Castle boasts the ultimate conditions to enjoy the performance, as audience members can also enjoy the stunning art surrounding them. 

The Lobkowicz Collections comprise one of the oldest and largest private art collections in Central Europe, bringing an artistic experience for all the senses.  

While in the grounds of the castle, explore the castle complex that dates back to the 9th century and is rich with extraordinary history, breath-taking architecture and a stunning view point that gives amazing views of all of Prague.

With tickets available for an extremely reasonable price, the midday classical concerts at Prague Castle are a must see for any music lover. 

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