“Extraordinary”: Jack Vidgen wows America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell

“Extraordinary”: Jack Vidgen wows America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell

Australian singer Jack Vidgen has given an electrifying performance on America’s Got Talent, as he was showered with praise from the star-studded panel.

Supermodel and judge Heidi Klum gave Vidgen a standing ovation for his powerful rendition of Lauren Daigle’s You Say, which has only recently aired in the US, while Howie Mandel told him he had everything it took to make it but just “needed the confidence”.

But the toughest critic of all, Simon Cowell, was his harshest judge, but also praised the 22-year-old the most.

“I think you have an extraordinary voice but that was way too safe,” he told the singer.

“I think you are way, way better than that, so I’m hoping the super-fans vote you through to the next round because there’s way more to come from you. Way more.”

Sadly, it was Vidgen’s first and last performance on America’s Got Talent: The Champions, which features 40 singers who have competed on the show around the world in their home countries in the hopes to be crowned the global winner.

Vidgen wasn’t able to win over fans so his future was left in the hands of the judges, along with two other contestants.

Cowell picked Vidgen to progress to the next round, but the other judges didn’t seem to agree.

But despite missing out, people took to Twitter to shower the young singer with praise, with one describing his voice as “the best I’ve ever heard”.

Vidgen is set to compete for Australia’s Eurovision spot on SBS’s Eurovision: Australia Decides on February 8.