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Former Trump staffer warned about playing Taylor Swift music

Former Trump staffer warned about playing Taylor Swift music

A former advisor to previous vice president Mike Pence has claimed she was once warned about playing Taylor Swift in the White House. 

Olivia Troye, a former homeland, counterterrorism and coronavirus adviser, sat down with MSNBC reporter Chris Hayes to chat about her time working as an aide within the controversial Trump administration. 

Olivia explained that she was playing Taylor Swift’s music loudly in her office after losing an argument about something she disagreed with relating to the government’s handling of the pandemic. 

Shortly after she began playing the music, Olivia claims a colleague knocked on the door of her office and said, “Are you trying to get fired?”

Olivia said she was “super confused” by the comment, and replied, “For being blunt in meetings, or for what?”

Her colleague then responded and said, “I don’t think [Swift] is a fan of Trump’s, so if somebody hears that you should really watch your back. You should be careful on that.”

Taylor Swift famously showed her support for the Democratic party in 2018 when she weighed in on her home state’s election.

In early 2020, Taylor famously tweeted about the former controversial president, saying “we will vote you out in November”, before tagging Donald Trump in it. 

The tweet racked up millions of likes and responses, saying he had been “stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism” throughout his presidency. 

Olivia told Chris Hayes that the whole situation was “so astonishing” and that she should have been able to “listen to whatever music I want”.

Taylor Swift recently made Spotify history with her re-recording of her album Red, which racked up the biggest number of first day streams by a female artist in history. 

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