Guy Sebastian reveals why he and his brother aren’t working together on The Voice

Guy Sebastian reveals why he and his brother aren’t working together on The Voice

Viewers were left surprised when Guy Sebastian’s brother Chris ended up auditioning for The Voice and turned chairs.

They were even more surprised to see Chris go with Kelly Rowland’s team.

However, Guy has revealed why the pair aren’t working together to Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa.

“...We are very very close and I’ve always kept stuff separate with work and that type of thing. I would hate for any of that to get in the way of our relationship,” he told hosts Ryan Fitzgerald and Michael Wipfli.

Guy also revealed that he promised that if none of the other judges wanted him, Guy would save him.

“We knew early on he would go with someone else, I said "if no one turns Chris which is quite an unlikely scenario then I’ll turn for you",” he said.

Guy hoped that by being honest, it would stop “conspiracy theories” about his brother being on the show.

“We talked about it, there is a lot at stake because he’s my brother so people are gonna get very caught up in the competition side of things and have little conspiracy theories and he knew he’d cop it little bit,” he added.

Chris’ audition on Monday was overshadowed by viewers saying he should not have been allowed on the competition due to his family link and how it was “unfair” on other contestants.

"I absolutely feel like Chris shouldn't [have] been allowed to audition,' one viewer tweeted after the episode, while another added, 'Chris Sebastian, Guy will hire him."

Naturally, Chris had anticipated the backlash and denied the competition was “rigged” before his audition was aired.

Chris also spoke to Woman’s Day about how he didn’t want to be on his brother’s team.

“I had him ruled out from the beginning. I'd hate people to think I wasn't there for my own abilities or it was rigged,” Chris explained.

“I didn't want anyone to think I was getting special treatment.”